Is your deposit deduction claim likely to be successful?

If you’re a landlord or agent and want to make a claim against the tenant’s deposit at the end of tenancy, you’ll need to pull together the right evidence to support the deductions you would like to make.

Too often, our adjudicators see claims fail due to a lack of information or detail from check-in and check-out. By understanding in advance what you need to present in your claim, you can save time and increase the likelihood of your deduction being accepted.

To help, TDS have created a ‘disputes chatbot’. The disputes chatbot allows agents and landlords to assess whether any claim they’re intending to make against the tenant’s deposit is likely to be successful based on the evidence they have.

Our chatbot will walk you through the most common claims and advise on the types of evidence you need. It will also tell you what information our adjudicators would expect to see from the evidence.

The chatbot is confidential and doesn’t form part of the tenancy dispute process. It doesn’t guarantee that your claim will be successful. It is here to provide general guidance before you make a claim.

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